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Whilst owning a home is a major asset in your life, superannuation can easily grow to be the asset of most significance or importance, especially as you head closer to retirement.

Not only is it the asset that fluctuates from year to year based on investment returns, whether they be positive or negative, but there are also deductions incurred such as fees in running the fund and insurance premiums.

The management of your superannuation fund on a yearly basis can prove to be a very rewarding experience over time.

You keep your house updated by trying to tend to the garden and splashing a new coat of paint in rooms as they need it in order to not only look after your investment but also to enjoy your surroundings.

Your superannuation will also benefit from a regular review.

Points to consider include:

  • Do you know where all your superannuation money is?
  • Should you be adding additional monies to your superannuation?
  • Will you have enough superannuation to provide you the lifestyle you wish for in retirement?
  • The investment strategy (the places your monies are invested) - is your superannuation invested appropriately when taking into consideration your age and number of years until you wish to retire?
  • The insurance benefits:
    • Do they meet your needs?
    • Do you know what your needs are (or those of your family) if you were to suffer an accident, sickness or die? For further information on this point please see our tab on insurance.
  • Do you know who are the nominated beneficiaries within your superannuation - do these need updating?

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Any advice provided in this publication should be considered General Advice as it does not take into account your personal needs and objectives or your financial circumstances.

You should therefore consider these matters yourself before deciding whether the advice is appropriate for you and whether you should act upon it.